Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Special Edition!

We just took puppies outside in groups of four and I thought you would enjoy some pictures from that.

Kinsey is standing alone in one, and there is also one of just Rosebud -- remember you can tell them apart because Rosebud has big, white feet. The two puppies running together and also standing together are Rosebud and Ledger. In the one picture Ledger looks a lot smaller but they are actually quite close in size -- it is just the angle of the picture. The three puppies running towards me are Ledger, Rosebud and Darby. The four puppies are Madison, Rosebud, Ledger and Darby. Galen thought it was much too cold for his favorite puppy so that is Ledger cuddled in Galen's coat.

Hope you enjoy these pictures and are having a grand day!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky me! I was just updating my new Google reader and saw you updated the blog! Two sets of puppy pictures in one day. I just KNEW that was Ledger in Galen's coat. But, where is Dawson?