Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three More Days!!!

Last evening Galen and I walked the puppies up the long driveway to the agility area. The puppies had a wonderful time playing, and it was a lovely evening. They make us laugh -- they are so funny and playful. They found a fleece tug toy and that was a big hit, especially with Sula. She is the one running with the toy and she is playing tug with Kinsey; Galen calls Sula and Kinsey the "twins" because of their similar appearance. Lolo is in the pines and Dawson is the one who is a little blurry but that is such a pretty picture of him with the light on his head.

The Montana Stick Moving Company is back to business with an added "express delivery" service -- both Rosebud and Darby are demonstrating that service in the pictures. There is a pretty close-up of Sula, and a nice one of Rosebud standing like the future show dog that she is and also one of her standing with a stick. In the puppy group, it is Kinsey facing the camera.

We have another introduction! I met Karen at the National Specialty and we discovered that we are both social workers so had an instant connection. Karen is taking the scenic route to Utah so has sent us her introduction in two parts from libraries in Colorado:

"I am on vacation in Colorado without a computer but found I could not go very long without a blog fix so here I am. My name is Karen, I live in Virginia Beach, VA (in the summer the Berners live on air conditioniong vents). Kaibab's F... will be my fourth Berner. Murphy is 8 yrs 11 months, Emma died of bloat about 3 weeks after I met Mary-Ann at the National Spec.
she was 6 1/2 and I miss her every day. Annie is 4 1/2 months, offed to me by Emma's breeder after her death. I am very pressed for time being on an express computer at the Boulder Library and having used most of my time on the blog. I plan to do everything with my newer new puppy. Conformation, obed, agility, drafting and therpay dog work.

Hi Again,

Today I'm at the Gilpin Public Library which has unlimited use free internet access computers:) So. I'd like to say something about my Emma, CH Shasta's Antidote To D Blues CD, RA, TT, CGC, TDIA and mostly my girl. Emma was a great therapy dog. She came to work with me (I'm an LCSW) and when she died my patients grieved as well. We also went to an elementary school where children read to her and to another school where 2 blind students worked with her and the special ed students read to her. I didn't realize until she died and the teacher of the blind students asked me to do a grief group that we had been working with one student 1/month for 3 years. He learned to read braille with Emma. I am currently borrowing a friends Berner for work but I really miss having my own girl.

My new puppy is a fireball. From Mary-Ann's descriptions I think she and Kinsey might be a pair. I talked with a friend who has her own 2 Berners and is graciously keeping Annie while I'm away. We warned her she's already a counter surfer supreme. So, blocked from direct access to the counter Annie climbed on the couch, over the half wall that separates their family room from the kitchen and onto the kitchen table which I'm sure she would have happily jumped off if not rescued by the teenage son who was supervising doggie dinner time. This is a long answer about who I am and what I hope to do wth Kaibab's Fortune Smilz On Me(I feel incredibly fortunate to be getting one of Mary-Ann's puppies) or Kaibab's From A to Z. Haven't decided on a registered name yet. Maybe blog readers can vote. I hope she will be a Versatility dog but mostly I hope she will bring joy to many peoples lives."

Okay, I will set up a poll so we can help Karen decide on her puppy's name -- make sure to vote! And I vote that you have a fantastic day, and that fortune smiles on you and that you get all the blessings from A to Z!


  1. I definately vote for Fortune Smilez on Me as these puppies are the smiliest, happiest that I've seen yet (and I've seen them all from A litter to F!!!)
    Cindy H.

  2. I would like to get into doing some work with my berner as a therapy dog. That would be special and I think the Karen's stories were great! Travel safe.

  3. Karen, thanks for sharing with us! I also love the Fortune Smilez on Me name and can relate to feeling very fortunate to have recently found Mary-Ann, Galen, and all those at Puppy Central. Even just via the internet, this has been the most helpful, insightful, and wonderful experience I've ever had in learning about puppies in general, the berner breed, and the development of my own identity as a (hopeful!) future berner mom.

    Safe and happy travels,

    Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  4. Hello Karen,

    I love the name "Fortune Smilez on Me"! What a great gift you have been able to share with your Berner in the past. I, too, would like to participate in a therapy animal program with our Berner.

    Not only does fortune seem to smile on you, but on those around you, too. That truly is a gift! Thanks for sharing your story with us all.


  5. It was great to "meet" you Karen and hear your story!

    I also second what Liz said about the fortune of finding Mary-Ann and learning out her wonderful dogs. I've learned so much from this blog, the website and talking to Mary-Ann. Fortune Smilez on Me is the perfect name!